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Power humidifiers and fans

 ot summer air usually has high humidity, and a person's ability to throw off
heat by evaporation decreases or stops altogether.  Cooling is needed then to
provide comfort by extracting excessive moisture from the air - de-humidification

During the winter, the condition is reversed. Cold outside air, heated to
room temperature, has great ability to hold extra moisture.  For example,
air at 70 F can hold about 20 times as much asair at 0 F. Heated wintertime air
takes moisture from whatever sources are available, including the human body.

If the air in your home does not contain enough moisture, you may feel cold and
uncomfortable - even at 75 F.  Dry, thirsty air evaporates moisture from your
skin, acooling process that mkes you feel chilly. But, with humidity raised to
recommended levels, you can dial you thermostatdown to 68 F and still feel

A 10% change in the relative humidity will feel like a 1 degree Fahrenheit
change in room temperature. This effect is due to the nature of the human bodies
cooling system. When we are too warm, we sweat, providing moisture that can be
evaporated by the air, thus cooling us down. When the humidity is too low, the d
ry air will pull moisture from the skin, causing you to feel cooler.

Most people believe that bacteria grows and reproduces best in humid and warm
environments. This is only partially true. Many bacteria, such as pneumococcus,
staphylococcus, and streptococcus survive much better in very humid environments
(above 70% relative humidity) AND in very love humidity environments (below 20%
relative humidity). In fact, these bacteria die 20 times faster environments
where the humidity is between 45% and 55% (normal range in a properly humidified
home) than they do in locations where the humidity is about 70% or below 20%.

A leading manufacturer of thermostats and humidistats recently surveyed 1,000
households across the United States about their indoor air quality in the fall
and winter. An astounding 70% of respondents complained of air so low in humidity
 that is caused symptoms such as dry and flakey skin, itchiness, sore throats,
and bleeding noses from cracked nasal membranes. More than 75% complained of
feeling too hot or too cold even though their thermostats said the home was at a
temperature that they normally found comfortable.

"Relative humidity in habitable spaces preferably should be maintained between 30% and 60% relative minimize growth of allergenic or pathogenic organisms".

This statement suggests that the humidity level in the occupied space be controlled so that it is
above 30 percent relative humidity. As a result, some building designers specify humidification
control systems to maintain space humidity above 30 percent during occupied hours.

Are steam humidifiers required? No. Steam humidifiers are suggested for space humidification.

"Steam is preferred as a moisture source for humidifiers...".


New gas fired humidifier SKG 3000

The SKG 3000 humidifier incorporates state of the art technology that sets it apart from competing humidifiers. Its automatically water fed stainless steel container with an easily removable evaporation reservoir allows easy access to the heat exchanger for cleaning.
Capacities from 110 lb/hr to 810 lb/hr; propane or natural gas.
 Innovative modular design; smallest footprint of the industry.
Low modulation ranges; from 10 lb/hr to maximum capacity.


Innovative Residential humidifier SKR-SDU

The SKR-SDU humidifier now incorporates a space distribution unit where the steam is discharged directly into the area with a quiet fan blower. The SKR-SDU is used where a ducted air distribution system is not available.


Duct-Therm: A new addition to complement existing heating systems

Booster electric duct heater used to preheat fresh air or elevate the temperature in an existing central forced air system. It can give modulated output even in very low air velocities.

Duct - Therm heaters are designed to complement heating systems of homes and offices by preheating fresh air or returned air with any existing central forced-air heating system.

This electric duct heater is equipped with a modulating controller that allows operating in extremely low air flow with peak performance.

Applications and features:
Heat recovery ventilation system.
Central forced-air heating system.
Air make-up combined with a small fan.
Zone heater�. and more.
6" or 8" collar; 1 kW to 5 kW at 120, 208 or 240 VAC.
5 different kits of thermostat configuration available.


C Actuators
18 (2 Nm) torque

small dampers
unit ventilators
VAV box control
fan coils
S Actuators
70 (8 Nm) torque

small dampers
unit ventilators
1/4 turn valves
 VAV box control
fan coils


SKG 3000 Gas Fired Humidifier
The SKG 3000 series of gas fired humidifiers (Natural or Propane gas) offers state of the art gas components and trouble free operation. The wide modulation range, high capacities and ease of servicing makes it the most dependable and best humidifier on the market.

Capacities from 110-810lb/hr (50-369kg/hr) of steam.
Fully modulating; ranging from 10lb/hr (4.5kg/hr) to maximum.
One of the highest combustion efficiencies of 83% HHV.
Automatic (patent) scale removal process for its heat exchanger.
Temperature of the drain water is tempered below 60C (140F).
Ease of servicing; cleans and re-installs in 5 minutes.
BACnet remote communication protocol.

SKR Residential Steam Humidifier
This unique compact steam humidifier will improve health and comfort while protecting valuable objects and eliminating static electricity in the home.

Features of the SKR
Capacities from 4.5–12lb/hr (2-5.5kg/hr) of steam.
On/off operation, modulation optional.
Permanent cleanable stainless steel evaporation chamber.
Self-cleaning elements.
Siphon drain requires no drain valve or external tap.
Simple control wiring using pre-assembled cables with telephone jacks.
Easy to install, operate and maintain

The SKR humidifier is easy to install and provides a simple and reliable operation with the user friendly control package. Steam is produced in a permanent stainless steel chamber which is easily removed and re-installed for rapid servicing. No plastic cylinders to replace, making it more economical to operate and environmentally friendly than the electrode humidifier.

No expensive plastic cylinders to buy
Environmentally friendly - no plastic cylinders to throw away
No more blocked drain solenoid valves
Drain water tempered to below 140°F (60°C)



Electric Duct Heaters

Let Canada Blower take you to a higher standard of heating technology with our innovative “commercial” and “industrial” electric duct heater. Our experienced team includes qualified welders, electrical specialists, sheet metal workers and other qualified personnel that have brought their talents together in order to produce the best innovative and “Custom Built” electric duct heater.

CBC electric heaters have sensational features that make them the best in the industry. Our "Patent" HEC universal controller can operate without external inputs to provide maximum heat for variable air velocity and temperature conditions. Sensors are located close to the heating elements. The patent pending controller considers only convection heat and differential temperature to precisely measure air velocity and continuously update the proportional control signal to the heater. The result is an extremely precise control of heater output in different environments including VAV applications.

NCBC supplies heaters up to 1000 kW with up to 40 kW per sq.ft. to suit any application. Our heaters are approved for zero clearance to combustible materials and are safety tested and listed by “Underwriters Laboratories” (UL) and the “Canadian Standards Agency (CSA), and meet the requirements of the "National Electric Code".

A variety of features are available to design the perfect and ideal heater which will satisfy your needs at "Competitive Pricing".
Open Coil (grade A and C), Standard Tubular and Finned Tubular elements.
Slip-In, Flanged and Round Collar mounting.
ON/OFF and Proportional (Modulating) Control.
ON/OFF and Proportional (Modulating) Control.
Input signals: 0-10 or 2-10 VDC, 4-20mA, 0-135 Ohms, Pulsed AC/DC.
Nema 1, 12, 4 and 4X Enclosures.


Open Coil Heating Elements

The open coil elements are the most popular in the industry, suitable for most standard HVAC ducted systems. The biggest advantage of these elements is the excellent heat dissipation capacity with heating capacities ranging from 0.5 to 1000 kW.

Features of the Open coil elements

Minimal pressure drop
Fast response time
Up to 40 kW per sq.ft.
Quick delivery
The grade C open coil elements type is made up of nickel, chrome and iron. Neptronic® offers, for applications in humid environments, NiCr 80 (grade A) elements which do not contain any iron.


Standard and Finned Tubular Elements

The Standard and Finned tubular type offers an excellent mechanical resistance, suited for demanding environments. These elements are less sensitive to humid and dusty environments but offer a slower response time.

Features of the standard and finned tubular elements
Up to 13 kW per sq.ft. (Standard) and Up to 15 Kw per sq.ft. (Finned).
Heating elements not in direct contact with air.
Element of U or W shape.

Tubular elements are made of Incoloy 800 (Nickel alloy) tube with a diameter of 3/8” (9.5mm) which contains a heating coil in magnesium oxide powder. Finned tubular elements have aluminum fins installed on the tube to allow a higher heat dissipation capacity.


Fresh and Forced Air Heaters

Therm heaters are designed to complement heating systems of homes and offices by preheating fresh air or returned air with any existing central forced-air heating system.

This electric duct heater is equipped with a modulating controller that allows operating in extremely low air flow with peak performance.

Applications and features:
Heat recovery ventilation system.
Central forced-air heating system.
Air make-up combined with a small fan.
Zone heater. and more.
6" or 8" collar; 1 kW to 5 kW at 120, 208 or 240 VAC.
5 different kits of thermostat configuration available.

Fresh and Forced Air Heaters

Let Canada Blower take you to a higher standard of heating technology with our Specialty heaters; used for specific “commercial” and “industrial” applications. Custom engineering is our business. Our highly trained technical staff is always available to assist in special applications and requests. Inquiries for applications and pricing will be answered within 24 hours. Our experienced teams are doing business with most manufacturers of air handling equipment. Lead times are tailored to meet OEM production schedules.

CBC dedicated to OEM:
OEM, we are always available to help the OEM’s to be more competitive and innovative in redesigning and developing heaters adapted to the needs.

Other applications: Load Banks to test generator in a building, Process Air Heaters designed for use in ovens, autoclaves and other industrial forced-air systems for drying, baking or heat treating.

Canada Blower


Canada Blower SKG humidifier
New gas fired humidifier SKG 3000

SKR humidifier | Canadian Blower
Innovative Residential humidifier SKR-SDU

Canadian Blower SK humidifiers
Duct-Therm: A new addition to complement existing heating systems









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C Actuators
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S Actuators

Canada Blower steam humidification
SKG 3000 Gas Fired Humidifier




Canadian Blower - Neptronic Canada
SKR Residential Steam Humidifier

electric humidifier - Canadian Blower
SKR Residential Steam Humidifier






Canadian Blower tremolec electric duct heaters
Electric Heaters


Canadian Blower electric heater industrial
Electric Heaters








lectric duct heaters industrial - Canada Blower
Open Coil Heating Elements





indusrial electric heater Canada Blower
Standard and Finned Tubular Elements





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Fresh and Forced Air Heaters





Canada Blower | fan duct heater
Fresh and Forced Air Heaters


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Sale of TCF NYB fans / blowers, American Coolair ventilators, Aerovent ventilators / fans, side channel blowers, regenerative blowers, Canarm ventilators, ACME fans, Leader Delhi fans, ILG ventilators, Plastec propylene blowers, New York Ventilators, confined space fans and ventilators.

Distributors of industrial process and OEM fans and blowers, high temperature blowers, high pressure fans & ventilators. Delivery from stock of centrifugal and axial process fans, blowers, ventilators
Commercial and institutional ventilator and fan H.V.A.C.; gas-fired air fan A.H.U.; roof and wall power ventilator fans. Propeller and centrifugal up-blast exhaust and filtered roof and wall supply fans; in-line axial blowers and ventilator fans.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) produced in the manufacture of ammonia is used in the making of urea. Hence the centrifugal fans and blowers used in the chemical & fertilizer plants need to be resilient handling products in several physical states like fluids, dry granular and gaseous forms. Several process fans are employed in de-dusting and fumes extraction, granulating and blending, pressurization and circulation of air, pneumatic conveying of chemicals  or additives etc.

Canada Blower Scrubber Exhaust fans

Chemical and fertilizer plants face many challenges in the form of ammonia vapour emissions and urea dust from granulation plants and prilling towers. Scrubber exhaust fans are fitted at the top or alongside of the prilling tower to remove the urea dust emissions. Sometimes, dust scrubbers are also combined with acid washers to collect gaseous pollutants of ammonia emissions.

Canada Blower Fluidization Air fan

To produce fertilizer in the most usable form, different compounds are made into pieces such as dry granules and are blended together to make it as a fertilizer compound. In fluid bed granulation technology, large volume of airflow is required to supply the fluidization air. Here Canada Blower centrifugal fans are used to deliver air at a required velocity that is sufficient to carry the granulated particles to the fluid bed chamber for cooling. In fluid bed coolers, large centrifugal fans are used to circulate the air for cooling the granules.

Canada Blower Recirculation Blowers

The recirculation blowers of centrifugal type are mainly used in formaldehyde industry to increase the volumetric flow rate of process gas and supply air for oxidation processing. To overcome the pressure losses across the reactors, fresh air is pressurized, mixed with recirculation gas and is pushed through the process by recirculation blowers. This process gas is mixed with methanol and is passed into methanol vaporizer where the oxidation takes place in the presence of catalyst forming formaldehyde.