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High temperature fans and blowers - Canada Blower


 Canada Blower Co. offer a complete line of high temperature fans and blowers for industrial ventilation applications:
- Operating up to 2200 F, centrifugal, axial and plug fan types;
- Pre-engineered and custom made fans for all types of applications with vaiety of impeller types and accessories;
- Our engineers provide a professional advice and recommend a right fan for every application & oven / plenum design;
- Competitive replacemnt fans to Gardn City, Lau, IGE, Alloy Fabricating fan models; repairs, re-build & balancing;
- Unique high temperature water-cooled KB motors for operation up to 2300 F.
- Combustion air supply blowers;
- Oven circulation fans;
- Pneumatic conveying blowers;
- Dust collector fans;
- Super high pressure fans;
- Material handling blowers;
- Exhaust and supply process fans.

Canada Blower is a world wide distributor of industrial process ans OEM fans and blowers, as well as fan components; including high pressure blowers, high temperature fans, spark resistant and explosion proof ventilators, tubeaxial and vaneaxial high pressure ventilators. Canada Blower also does existing fans and blowers repairs, re-build, as well as dynamical fan wheels balancing.

Canadian Blower IGE fans Industrial Gas
Engineering Co.

Engineers -- Manufacturers

IGE offers a complete line of high temperature fans and blowers up to 2200 degrees F. to meet all of your requirements. Custom, as well as standard designs are available for all temperatures and atmospheres, including vacuum. 

With more than 50 years of service to the heat treating industry, IGE has more than 60,000 fans installed and production proven worldwide. IGE manufacturing and repair facilities are staffed by degreed engineer groups and supported by complete in-house machine shops, welding, fabrication and balnacing departments for the highest quality new or rebuilt equipment. 

IGE has complete repair / rebuilding facilites for all makes and types of high -temperature fans and our fast turnaround time assures you of minimum downtime. 



high temperature multi blade fan | Canada BlowerMULTIBLADE FANS

The MULTIBLADE "squirrel cage" type "M" fans are usually specified for large volumes of flow against low to medium static pressures. There are several variations used for blade configuration; radial blower blades, backwardly inclined blades, and forward curved fan blades. We use the forward curved blades as they deliver the same volume of air, at reduced RPM, than the other versions. The reduced RPM is important as this yields lower stresses in the wheel allowing higher temperatures to be used for the air voluem specified. This series of fans has been developed and refined over the lifetime of the company and is suitable for continuous heavy-duty applications involving high temperatures with capabilities up to 1780 degrees F. We offer the multiblade in many configurations of housing fans and cartridges which match your requirements. The MULTIBLADE fan is the most common type used in the heat treating industry, however if there is dust in the air stream that could build up, our Radial Blade Fan should be used.

high temperature wheel Canadian BlowerRADIAL BLADE FANS

The RADIAL BLADE, "paddle wheel" type "P" fans are usually specified for medium volumes of flow against medium to large static pressures. The "paddle wheel" is considered a self cleaning type of fan wheel. It may be used where there are various materials or dust in the air stream. Canada Blower high temperature oven circulating fanThis series of fans has been developed and refined over the lifetime of the company. Due to its rugged construction and structural integrity, it is suitable for continuous heavy duty applications involving high temperatures to 2200 degrees F. depending on fan wheel speed. We offer the radial blade in many configuerations of housing fans and cartridges which will match your requirements. 


high temperature fan wheel: Canadian BlowerAXIAL BLADE FANS

The AXIAL BLADE fans are usually specified for very large volumes of flow against low static pressures. The axial fan is defined as a unit where the air flows through the blades and is essentially parallel to the shaft mounting. We use several variations of fan blade configurations within our catalog. These consist of a radial curved, radially convoluted curve, radial inverse curve, and propeller type. This series of fans has been developed and refined over the lifetime of the company, and is suitable for continuous heavy duty applications involving high temperatures with capabilities up to 2200 degrees F. We offer the axial blade in various configurations of cartridges and cartridges with shrouds. The AXIAL BLADE fan is the most common type used in the aluminum annealing industry.


Type "T"
Pressure Blowers

The "T" type blower has been developed for continous heavy duty industrial applications requiring constant air pressures at varying air volumes. Type "T" Blowers are dependable and are well suited for clean air applications such as combustion air, cooling, drying, gas boosters, etc. The standard line has capactities from 280 CFM to 3750 CFM, and pressures to 32 ounces. These blowers are available in arrangement 4 for operation up to 180 degress F., and other arrangements to 600 degrees F. Features include rotatable and reversable housings, inlet venturi and outlets to fit American standard class 125 pipe flanges. A variety of accessories are available including air intake filters, silencers, blast gates and shaft seals. 

Performance Characteristics
Pressures from 8 to 30 ounces... Temperatures to 180 degrees F. in arramngement 4, to 600 degrees in arrangements 1 and 8. Capacities from 280 CFM to 3750 CFM. 

43 different sizes: 1 1/2" thru 50 H.P. 
Variety of housing designs, wheel diameters and outlet diameters result in a wide range of blower selection. 


combustion air 
pneumatic conveying 
product cooling 
air curtains 
drying ovens 
pressure blower 
furnace blowers 
foundry cupolas 
glass cooling 
smoke abatement 

Construction Features

Heavy Duty -- constructed of high strength aluminum with riveted connections. Blades are also tack welded to side plates, reducing rivet wear. Taper lock hub makes wheel easily removable. Aluminum construction is standard for operation up to 180 degrees F. Steel and Stainless Steel are also available. Wheel is staically and dynamically balanced to assure smooth operation. NOTE: Fan wheel is suitable for handling clean air only.

All welded, heavy-duty steel housings with thick side plates on both sides of housing enable housing to be field rotated at 22 1/2 degree increments to suit most required discharge positions. Standard fans are supplied with gasket between housing and side plates. Housings are reversible for required rotation. For gas tight construction see "Modifications." 

Wheel is mounted directly on motor shaft. Maximum operating temperature is 180 degrees F. in arrangement 4. 


HEAT FANS Type T Pressure Blowers are available up to 600 degrees F. operation in Arrangement 8 or in belt drive arrangements. Units require steel wheels and special bas construction to accomodate a shaft cooler and guard. Units can be furnished with a 600 degree F. shaft seal (radial lip type), however water cooling is required. 
Type "T" Pressure Blowers can be furnished with air-tight construction in Arrnagement 8 or in belt-drive arrangements. Air tight units have solid back fixed housings (not rotatable), shaft seals (see accessories), and inlet plate gaskets. Maximum temperatures for air-tight units: Type "T" with aluminum wheel: 180 degrees F. Type "T" with steel wheel: 225 degrees F. NOTE: Air tight units are not absolute seals. 
SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION Type "T" Pressure Blowers can be furnished for applications where corrosion or elevated temperatures above 600 degrees F. are involved. Direct-drive units are also available with our "K-B" sealed motors. 


Radial Lip Fan Seals for use up to 225 degrees F. Assembly mounts against housing and is furnished with grease fittings. Note: Shaft seals do not make fan gas tight. 

Heavy duty dry type pleated media filters elements. Elements are reusable and and can be cleaned with commpressed air or by washing. Note: fan wheel is suitable for handling clean air only. 

Of high thermal conductivity and is split for easy installation or removal. Is used only on Arrangement 1, 8 and 9 fans at temperatures 201 to 600 degrees F. 

Is of all-welded steel construction. Flanged at both ends to 125# piping standards and bolts to standard discharge. Has locking device to permit permanent fan damper position 

For effective silencing. Straight through, annular absorption type. Offers high degree of silencing -20-30 dB average attenuation. Low pressure drop silencers are available flanged on one or both ends. 


Type "PF" Pressure Blowers

The "PF" Pressure Blowers are single stage blowers for applications requiring high to moderate volumes at relatively high pressures. The open type impellers are of welded construction, and statically and dynamically balanced to assure smooth operation. The housings are of heavy welded plate with suitable bracing to withstand high pressures. Typical applications are cooling, drying, exhausting, gas boosters and ejector venturi. The "PF" pressure blowers are available for corrosive or elevated temperature applications. 

 "PF" Blowers have been developed for heavy industrial uses requiring proven performance and reliability in moderate to high air volumes at relatively high pressure applications. Type "PF" Blowers are designed for capacities from 1500 CFM to 20000CFM and pressures to 62" SP. Units are available in arrangements 1 and 8 for operations up to 1260 degrees F. Features include high-efficiency wheels constructed of various alloys, heavy-duty blower housings and air or water cooled bearings. Single wall uninsulated housings are standard, double wall insulated housing are available. Direct driven or V-belt driven fans are available. 


Backward Inclined Fans

The backward inclined type "BI" fans are usually specified for medium volumes of flow against low to medium static pressures. The wheel's blades are flat and lean away from the direction of the wheels rotation. This type of fan runs at a relatively high speed. However, it is more efficient than the multiblade or radial blad fan. To move a given amount of air the "BI" fan is of a non-overloading design and is suitable for systems with fluctuating system resistance. We offer the backward inclined wheel in many configurations of housing fans and plug fans which match your requirements. The backward inclined fan is ideal for ovens, furnaces and ducted applications. 

Kaybee Heat Resistant, Sealed Motors

The Problem:

Application of rotational power to fans, compressors, gas pumps, mixers and other equipment operation under high temperatures has always been a presented problems. Especially in troublesome are applications invovling the handling of high temperature gases under sealed-in conditions. Bearing, seal and lubrication failures due to heat conducted through the shaft, shaft bending and general overheating of the entire drive unit due to inadequate air cooling are examples of the difficulties encountered. 

The Solution:

The K-B HEAT RESISTANT, SEALED MOTOR was developed as a direct drive unit, which copes successfully with shaft temperatures up to 2100 degrees F. under pressure, vacuum and high ambient temperature conditions. The unit is ideally suited to such metallurgical applications as carburizing, nitriding, cyanding, clean annealing and vacuum heat treating, which require both high temperature and gas tight sealing.


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Oven plug fans are typically used for recircuclation air. This ensures oven temperature is uniform through each zone. As a product is dried or cured it also can emit VOC’s which must be exhausted. Oven exhaust fans carry these gases to atmosphere or to a scrubber or oxidizer depending on the concentration levels. Canada Blower offers a variety of pedestal and pedestal plug fans with high temp features, such as shaft coolers, leaktight construction, insulation are common on high temp oven exhaust fans. Ovens in the automotive industry are used for baking and curing coatings after application. It is critical to keep the oven temperature even throughout the process and exhaust the emitted fumes and VOC’s. Canada Blower provides a wide variety of wall mounted or floor mounted plug fans for meeting the performance requirements for any oven application. Canada Blower radial blade and backward inclined fans are commonly used for the high temperature requirements of exhausting the oven air. Kitchens and restaurants require specialized equipment for exhausting contaminated air. Ovens, stoves, grills and dishwashers produce moist, hot, smoky, and grease-laden air that must be removed from the kitchen and discharged away from building surfaces. That is why Canada Blower offers a full line of UL762 listed kitchen exhaust fans and grease collection systems for kitchen and restaurant use.

One of the oldest methods for making cast iron is the use of cupola furnaces. These furnaces use large amounts of coal coke to melt the raw iron components. The coke is feed by a forced draft fan to aid in combustion. Induced draft fans are used to exhaust the combustion products from this commonly used foundry process, keeping the work environment safe from toxic fumes. We have been supplying fans to foundries for decades, and have the design and manufacturing capabilities to meet the most demanding system requirements.

Tempered glass or safety glass is produced by controlling the temperature (extreme heat and fast cooling) of the glass. High velocity air hits the glass from above and below as it leaves the Lehr furnace. The air rapidly cools and tempers the glass by setting boundary layers in the glass. Due to the environmental conditions associated with manufacturing glass, we can design and manufacture a custom solution to your exact performance requirements.

In cement industry, after cement is dried by being put through a rotary kiln and converted to clinker, it needs to be cooled. Cooling tunnels are used to reduce the temperature of the clinker from over 2000°F to a workable 200°F. These tunnels typically use forced draft fans to push the cooled air through the clinker. Canada Blower have been supplying fans to the cement industry for over 50 years, and can manufacture any fan to your exact specifications and performance requirements.

Coal is often stored after being mined. Before processing, it must be dried, and many times requires the use of a rotary drum dryer to assist in the process. When drying, the coal is tumbled while hot air passes over the material and through the drum. Our fans are used to drive the hot air that forces the excess water out of the coal, leaving useable, dry coal. Regardless of the size of your operation and system requirements, Canada Blower is capable of manufacturing virtually any size fan or blower to meet your exact specifications.

Kiln dryers are used to dry a variety of powdered materials for purposes as diverse as food production to building materials. The fans used in these dryers remove the high moisture content by forcing heated air across the material. Kiln drying applications for the cement industry use our fans to move large volumes of gas through the kiln system and thoroughly dry the cement to lumpy nodules called clinker. Many of these fans require special materials and features to withstand a wide range of operating conditions associated with these environments. Canada Blower offers the most comprehensive line of fans and can manufacture any fan to your exact specifications and performance requirements.

Centrifugal fans can have loose mechanical connections between bearing housing & pedestals or between the fan rotor & shaft. When centrifugal fans have higher rotation speeds, they exert force on the bearings due to unequal distribution of weight. In other cases, the fan may experience loosening of the setscrews due to fretting or corrosion. This will make the hub and the impeller to become displaced relative to the axis of rotation, resulting in extreme fan imbalance. To avoid this condition and ensure proper fan functioning, an interference fit is typically used between hub and shaft connections.

Cracks in shaft or impeller: A shaft or impeller crack is very common in centrifugal fans. The typical reasons for cracking of mechanical parts is the age and fatigue. When crack occurs in shaft or rotor, it can propagate and can cause imbalance in the components causing threat to fan operation. Fan systems that are suspected of having a crack in shaft must be treated in a timely manner before they propagate and become intense.

Imbalance in rotor occurs when the center of rotor mass does not coincide with the center of rotation. The uneven distribution of rotor mass or the deterioration of fan rotor due to extreme operating conditions can cause misalignment resulting in fan imbalance and vibration. One way to reduce the level of vibration is by adding a weight to outer diameter of the rotor.

Misalignment between a drive motor shaft and a fan shaft typically occurs during new fan installation or when shaft / wheel assembly is replaced with a new equipment. When shafts are not straight, it can cause an unbalance and may force the bearings to twist in an oscillatory manner. This can lead to bearing defects, shaft breaking or cracking, coupling failures or excessive vibrations. Shaft misalignment can deteriorate the operating life span of a fan system. Hence it is important to have regular checks on alignment before startup of the fan and subsequently few months after installation.