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Super high pressure blowers from Canada Blower.
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 Designing and manufacturing Canada Blower centrifugal fans for food processing applications and the like place special demands on both production processes and the fan design:

Supply / pressure fans
Exhaust / suction fans
CIP Purge fan
Cooling fans
Purge Air fans
Regeneration fans
Fluidzed Bottom Air Fan
Filter fans
Spray drying fans

Canada Blower Co. application experience with fans and blowers consists of industrial blowers, systems for corrosive environments, and high pressure blowers for a wide range of clients, with such equipment classification as:

1) Industrial Blowers – Industrial Pressure Blower Co. is the source for Canada Blower nyb industrial blowers from industry's most trusted manufacturers, and assits in selecting the industrial blower for any application needs.

2) High Pressure Blowers – expertise in selecting high pressure blowers for the most demanding industrial process applications.

3) Plastic Fans – When factors such as high humidity and aggressive chemicals are a concern, Industrial Pressure Blower Co. will work to select the materials of construction to perform best in a corrosive environment.

4) High Temperature Fans – Where high heat processes require nyb fans suitable for ovens or comnustion kilns.

Canada Blower Co. has considerable experience with air moving applications. Fans are the "heart" of all ventilation systems, and essential for all industrial processes that require air flow. Industrial Pressure Blower Co. application experience with nyb fans and blowers is pivotal to the success of a complete air handling package and includes:

- Cast aluminum pressure blowers, axial and vaneaxial fans, industrial exhausters, nyb roof ventilators, centrifugal fans and marine duty fans for a host of air moving requirements;
- Building ventilation systems including nyb wall panel fans and rooftop exhausters;
- Engineered fans and blowers for abrasive, high temperature, material handling and paper trim "chopper" applications;
- Corrosion resistant fans constructed of FRP, PVC, SS, polypropylene, and Kynar materials;
- Multistage centrifugal pressure blowers, positive displacement rotary lobeand regenerative blowers for nyb conveying systems;
- OEMs ventilators where catalogued fans are modified to fit into a client's product ;

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For controlling vibrations in centrifugal fans, vibrator isolators are used. It is important to note that the accessories used in the industries must meet the safety of government norms.

Given below are some of the accessories used in Canada Blower centrifugal fans -


Canada Blower centrifugal fans contain many electrical systems such as electric motors and wiring that may get damaged in bad weather conditions. The Canada Blower ventilators must be kept completely weather-proof to avoid destruction by corrosion. Hence, weather-hoods are used to protect motor and drive components from weather conditions like moisture, dust, dirt, rain, snow etc.

Belt Guards:

In fans the main source of mechanical energy is transferred by belt drive. Apart from providing protection, belt guards have importance while servicing the belts and pulleys. Belt guards have two openings, one to fix tachometer for monitoring fan speed and another for testing belt tension.

Inlet Boxes:

In centrifugal fans air changes its direction twice once during the inlet and the other while exiting. During the process of entry and exit, air loses its energy due to friction and bend. So, fan inlet boxes are used to minimize the entry losses when there is a shift in direction of air. After the air is let into the impeller, it changes the air direction with its rotation and comes out with less energy.

Usage of dampers will reduce these sounds as they help to regulate the air-flow inside the system.  Canada Blower fan accessories used in fans will help to increase the performance and durability of the system. Fans may also contain additional accessories depending on the industrial needs.