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 Canada Blower has more than 50 years of experience in supplying centrifugal fans for processes within the energy, power and incineration industry. The fans are used for power stations, heating stations, incineration plants, CHP-stations and waste-to-energy facilities where biofuel, i.e., wood, sawdust, grass trimmings, domestic refuse, agricultural waste, biogas and other types of waste, or fossil fuels such as petroleum, gas or coal are used.

Canada Blower Fans and Blowers supply heavy duty industrial and commercial fans, blowers, high pressure blowers, ventilators, high temperature fans, high capacity blowers, combustion blowers, dust collection fans, blower air knives, roof exhaust and supply fan ventilators.  Canada Blower is a Dust Collecting Fans Sales Engineering Office for Dust Collector Fans and Blowers, American Coolair Blower, ILG Industries Fan, Illinois Blower Fan, Industrial Gas Engineering High Temperature Fan, IAP Blower.  We supply heavy duty industrial and commercial fan, blower, pressure blower ventilators, high temperature fan systems, high capacity blower, combustion fan, dust collecting fan, blower air knives, roof exhaust and supply blower. Canada Blower offer stock Fans and American Coolair ILG fan & blower.
Large Canada Blower Industrial Fans, Blowers, Ventilators: Designers and manufacturers of industrial process air handling systems, blow-off air-knives, dust collectors, wet air scrubbers, industrial process air curtains and vacuum systems. Sales of packaged dust collectors, fans, blowers and air knives.

Sales of big industrial process and OEM fans, blowers and ventilators, high temperature oven fans and pressure blowers. Supply of centrifugal and axial fans, radial blowers, tubeaxial and vaneaxial ventilators, roof and wall exhaust and supply fan ventilators, airfoil and backward inclined scroll cage blowers and fan wheel blades.

Canada Blower offers a variety of portable ventilation fans and blowers that come in a wide range of speeds. They’re an ideal solution for heavy duty applications and environments. Canada Blower offers ventilator models that have a strong and durable metal casing which provide protection to interior components. Canada Blower high-quality ventilation fans are built for long term use.

An explosion-proof Canada Blower ventilation fan, or hazardous location fan, is a widely used piece of equipment in industrial facilities and on construction sites. These specially designed fans provide proper ventilation for spaces where flammable gases, vapors, or dusts may be present. Canada Blower explosion-proof ventilation fans are designed to be non-sparking, which minimizes the risk for sparks that could ignite potentially flammable materials. That means the entire fan is constructed with non-sparking materials, including an explosion-proof motor and aluminum or copper fan blades.

These Canada Blower fans have practical uses. For instance, if you were working in an environment with flammable gases, if the fan were to tip over and hit against another metal object, a spark would very likely be emitted. In the most at-risk locations, one spark is all it takes to cause an explosion. Hazardous location ventilation equipment is designed to reduce the risk for these sorts of accidents.

A range of construction and industrial locations require the use of explosion-proof ventilation fans, and different types of Canada Blower ventilators should be used based on the facility’s explosion risk. For instance, woodworking facilities pose one of the greatest risks for explosion and fire. These facilities, in turn, require the safest equipment available.

There’s a complex classification for these fans, and they’re categorized into three class types that represent the risk factor for an explosion of a type of material. Materials with low ignition points pose the biggest threat, and are thus, grouped into Class III.

Each Canada Blower explosive-proof fan is marked with a specific code that provides vital safety information. When selecting a ventilation fan, refer to the fans safety code. Higher-risk workspaces require fans that meet safer standards, and using the wrong type of fan can be potentially hazardous.

Ex t IIB T4: “Ex” means Explosion Protection, and it is the Canadian standard for explosion-proof electronics. Alternatively, the American code is “AEx”. In addition, the “t” refers to the protection concept code, the “IIB” would be the gas group, and “T4” is the temperature code. These help differentiate the type of fan, and the safeguards against the material that is being handled.

There are four gas groups: I, IIA, IIB, and IIC. IIC is the gas group that poses the greatest risk for explosion or fire, and includes vapors like Hydrogen and acetylene. Fans that are marked IIC are suitable for IIB, IIA and I gas group environments.

Canada Blower is your source for high quality, safety-rated explosion-proof ventilation fans.