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Canadian Blower ventilators
Canada Blower supplies a large number of different fans for this industry every year, among others:

Primary air fan – Transport of air from the boiler house to the grates
Secondary air fan – Transport of air from the waste bunker to the secondary air nozzles
Cooling fan – Transport of air from the boiler house to the cooling inlets on the feeding pusher and grates
ID fan (Induced Draft fan) – Removal of air (hot flue gases) from the system
FD fan (Forced Draft fan) – Air supply to the system or process
Seal air fan
Recirculation fan
Flue gas fan – Transport of flue gases
Combustion air fan – Supply of combustion air for the incineration process
Soot blower fan
Furnace fan


Canada Blower is a Canadian sales agency of heavy duty blower systems, industrial and commercial blowers, fans, ventilators, pressure blowers, high temperature oven fans, high capacity blower, combustion blower, automotive fan, dust collection fan, blower air knife, roof exhaust and supply fans. Northern Industrial Fan and Blower offer high volume severe duty mining fans, air-handling unit fans for AHU. We do repair, re-build and up-grade of blowers and fans. We are a Sales Representative of Illinois Blower Gas Tight and Zero Leakage Industrial Fans with Mechanical Shaft Seals, American Coolair Fans, ILG I.G.E. Industrial Fans, New York Blowers Air Tight Fans and Blowers, Industrial Gas Engineering High Temperature Air-Tight Fans, IAP High Heat Blower. We supply heavy duty & high-temperature industrial process and commercial airtight fan, high pressure stainless steel and alloy blowers, high temperature insulated fans blowers, high capacity industrial oven circulating fan, combustion gas fan, oven circulation fans and blowers, high temperature axial fans, high temperature centrifugal fans, plug fan air-kit and high temperature axial plug fan. Northern Industrial Blowers sell Industrial Gas Engineering up-grades to Garden City high temeprature fans and blowers.

Supply of heavy duty industrial process fans and blowers, high temperature ventilators, high pressure blowers and radial fans. Quick delivery of centrifugal and axial process blowers, fans and ventilators.
Axial fans are provided at Canadian Blower with wheel diameters in sizes up to 85 inches, CFM up to 300,000. Axial fans are manufactured with the option of direct drive and belt drive. Pressure up to 14 inches WG.
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Industries have unique dust collecting requirements in their production, manufacturing or industrial facilities to reduce pollution, keep the work environment clean and increase safer working conditions for workers. Different industrial processes produce different sized dust particulates, some stay on the ground while others remain suspended in the air. The typical de-dusting mechanism includes a fan system that pushes or pulls the dirty air through filtration process. Based on the type of dust the industrial process produce, different fan equipment is used to accomplish different dust collecting tasks. Centrifugal fans are capable of handling high volume of dust loads, and hence they are widely used in industrial processes for removing dust.

Types of Canada Blower Centrifugal Fans Used in Dust Collection Systems

Canada Blower Industrial centrifugal fans that provide either forced draft air or induced draft air are commonly used in dust collecting or de-dusting applications. Since these fans produce high pressure airflow they are used in industries to separate solid granular particles from the process steams. Especially, fans with radial tipped and backward inclined are most effective in this process. Whether it is a powered dust or irregularly shaped heavy particles, there are many options available in fan systems to consider for dust collection. Depending on the particle size and volume of the air to filter, centrifugal fans with different blade types can be chosen for an industrial process.

Different Types of Canada Blower Industrial Dust Collectors

Industries use several categories of dust collectors with different filtration and collection processes. For instance, Cyclone dust collectors are typically used for separating heavy dust particles from the air stream. Similarly, Baghouse dust collectors use fabric collectors for accumulating large amount of fine dust particles. Likewise, many types of dust collection systems are used in industrial processes for air filtration requirements. Industrial centrifugal fans play a critical role in providing process air to these systems.

Industries with Dust Collection Applications

Dust collection is one of the critical processes in several industrial segments including cement, food & glass industry, coal & iron, pharmaceutical and others. Depending on the application, Canada Blower centrifugal fan types with varied arrangements (direct drive / belt drive) and blade configurations can be used for any dust collection system. These fans can be installed on the clean side (forced draft) or dirty side (induced draft) of the air based on the process requirement. For instance, in wood industry centrifugal fans with radial blade types are often used to move the dust particles directly through the fan. Similarly backward inclined, airfoil or flat blade centrifugal fans are the right choice for mounting on the top of cyclone in the kiln or within the filtering system to remove the airborne particles.